Thursday, May 19, 2011


Up and Walking!!!!  What an amazing day we had yesterday here in Boston!!  Dad was off of the ventilator from 8:20am until midnight!  They put him back on the ventilator for a few hours, and he couldn't stand it, and made them take him off again at 3:00am!  I think he has kicked the vent to the curb!!  He says he feels much better with out it!  HUGE PROGRESS!!

The biggest suprise of the day yesterday was hearing dad talk!!!  After 2+ weeks of silent looks and note writing, he could finally talk to us!  Such a great sound to hear his voice!  He made a video for everyone, but its pretty hard to hear because of all the machines....and he starts to cry in the middle.....but, you get the idea I suppose!

Dad also walked yesterday...TWICE!!  He did so well....walked about 60 feet both times.  His legs are strong, but a little wobbly!  (The video is sideways.....sorry!  In my excitement, I forgot which direction to hold my camera!!  It adds charachter!) :)

After his marathon, I gave him the royal treatment, and rubbed his piggies with Purell,.....AGAIN....these darn clot socks are beastly to put on!!  Its a workout for sure! I get my workout after he does his! Fair trade I guess!

This morning we had a meeting with Dr. Sugarbaker, and Dr. DaSilva.  They feel like dad is really progressing well, and the plan is to move him to a rehabilitation faciltiy here in Boston next week.  They are expecting him to only be in that faciltiy for 10 days or so with all the progress he has made!! 

The facitliy is in Cambridge, which makes it a little difficult for the person staying with him.  It is about an hour bus/train ride from the Meso house here in Boston. It will be hard for dad to not have anyone close over night....but, we will make it work!

Dad is overwhelmed with all of the love and support he has recieved....he loves you all and keeps telling us he wants to come home and be closer to everyone who cares about him!  He says in the video that he didn't know his life mattered so much!  So, thank you to you all for making him feel so loved! 


  1. WOW !!! hOW WONDERFUL TO SEE YOU AND ALSO TO HEAR YOU. We are all so anxious out here and love you so very much, we want you to be here too. So keep up the good work and you will be here before you know it, you really look good to me, I don't think any one here or there really knew how bad it was going to be except the wonderful people who are taking care of you, let them know also how much we love and appreciate them. I'm excited today, I'm going to Ardis's house to skype with you this afternoon, so I'll see you then. Love you ever so much! JoAnne

  2. Dave; I watched both videos and they give me such a lift. Barbara and Melissa the blog and videos are just so wonderful. I'm glad that even though this is for sure the hardest thing you have ever done Dave, we know that you can do it. Your also right about so many people loving you so much. All we have been able to think about it you getting well. You have to get better and that is all there is to it.

  3. You make me cry and smile at the same time. I cannot believe all that you have been through and are still going strong. If anyone could pull this off it is you. there is something about you stubborn old men. I am excited for the progress you have made. Hope you are able to get home soon to be surrounded by all of those who love you especially your wonderful family. Love you tons