Friday, May 20, 2011

Sleepless in.......Boston?

Hospitals are meant for rest and recovery....unfortunately, it seems that hospitals are the hardest place to sleep!!  After a huge day on Wednesday, Dad didn't get alot of sleep that night, so Thursday ended up being a rough day!  No sleep makes anybody feel icky, but no sleep on top of an already leangthy ICU stay can make even the calmest person loose their mind a bit! 

Frusteration was the hurdle to cross yesterday.  Its hard when you are the one in the hospital to understand just how much you are progressing.  To Dad the days just seem to keep repeating themselves, and he can't understand just how far he has come! 

He is still off of the ventilator and late last night they did take the drainage tube out of his nose!  Both HUGE things!  He did walk yesterday twice as far as he did on Wednesday, so that is also a great thing!   There is talk of moving to a rehab faciltiy by the beginning of the week, and there has also been talk of moving to a step down ward also.  We will hopefully know for sure what the plan is by the end of the day today!

Barbara stayed in the room last night with him, and that helped dad sleep a little more.  I guess we will be taking turns sleeping here with him...he needs his rest, and whatever helps!!

It has also helped that we have been skyping the family at home!  It helps to be able to see all of the people who are constatnly pulling for him!!  If you would like to skype with him, leave a comment with your skype name and we will arrange a time!  He loves to visit, it helps him feel just a little closer to home!

We love you all and thank you for your love and support!!


  1. Melissa thanks so much for the update on the blog. I was hoping Barbara would maybe stay with him last night. I would love to skype with him again. It was wonderful to actually see his face. I was kind of wondering if maybe with Andrews help we could let him get a earful from Lilly. I know he loves the cat for whatever reason, and if you think it would help lift his spirits, I would see what I could do for maybe tomorrow. Let me know if you think that isn't such a great idea.

  2. Well Hello to you guys today.Hope you got some well needed sleep last night. It was so good to see you and hear your voice, you have come such a hugh way already,,I do know what an high mountain you have to climb, but you can do it, you have already come so far. Each of us watch you each and every day and wish that somehow we could be of more help, but remember a few years ago when you and Ruth brought the package from Arkansas, with all the faith in the world that you knew all would be well some time in the future, now you are the package and we are all here to help lift you up and get you back to the wonderful person that you are! Just remember that all great things come from tiny steps that we hardly notice until we look back and see how far we have come. You are AWESOME AWESOME!! and we all love you more than we can say, get better enough to come home so we can help in person. So so long to the package and his loved ones for today, hope to hear more good news tomorrow, you truly have come an unimanigable distance, and as days go by the burden will 'I promise' become lighter. Love Ya Love Ya, See you again tomorrow JoAnne